Peter Dickybird

The Yarnbomber EP available now on Bandcamp


Zvezdana Rashkovich was kidnapped by Matt and Ben in October of 2012 when she went to a pub on the north side of town in order to mentally escape her arranged marriage to Sheikh Saeed bin Buti Al Maktoum.

They locked her in a room with a pair of drumsticks until she eventually learned how to put a beat together.  She spent her days chained to a table surrounded by pictures and sounds of Peter Dickybird, still eternally thankful for the new life that they had given her, prisoner or no.

After two years of brainwashing she formally changed her name to Jac Benstead and turned tricks until she could afford her new true love Sir Ludwig von Sparkle (the most handsome vintage drum kit).

she is now fully assimilated into her new life and remembers very little about the old days of subordinate opulence, apart from the 12 minutes a day when she retracts into her deep, dark psyche.