Peter Dickybird

The Yarnbomber EP available now on Bandcamp


Born from an egg on a mountain top, Mattybird was chillin' in his soggy nest, driftin' slowly towards the mainstream when a Tullycraftian tidal wave scooped him up and set him surfin' towards the shores of the Ocean of Awesome.

Nest-mates came and nest-mates went and poor Matt endured many a lonely winter, with nary a companionable chirp. His nest, however, was irresistibly cosy and eventually he found a non-migratory flock and they set about creating a birdsong for the ages.

Matt plays a bit of guitar and dabbles in a variety of lesser instruments. He loves to sing and aspires to be a songwriter after the mold of a Davies or a Tollefson. He is known for excessive verbiage and his resentment of sobriety. You can spot him in the wild by his colourful guitar rig. Oh...and his beautiful plumage.